Developing a Recycling Program Begins with a Waste Stream Audit from Mid America

How we help you save up to 50% starts with a free waste audit!

Start with our free waste audit assessment so we can help you achieve your financial and environmental goals! Whether your organization is motivated by zero waste or financial goals, our audit will help move you toward these objectives. We meet with businesses and municipalities in a step by step process to learn the following and determine how we can help achieve your zero waste initiatives. This process is as follows:

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Free Waste Stream Audit

  1. Learn about organizational goals.
  2. On-site analysis to see what is waste and what could be recycled versus going to a landfill.
  3. On-site analysis to see what is waste and what could be recycled versus going to a landfill.
  4. Learn about your organizations logistics, volumes, locations, equipment, and recycling and financial goals
  5. Develop a customized plan

Helping Your Organization Implement The Plan

Once we have head our leadership meetings and audits our team is ready to get your organization goals started! Here is what to expect from Mid America from the day you hire us to manage your recycling & waste reduction program.

Launch Day – We like to take a hands-on approach and be on site when launching new recycling programs. We like to make sure everyone is on board, from machine operators to the corporate suite, it’s a common goal effort.

Recycling Support – We will continue to monitor your program on site and off. We will work closely with your organization on how we could maximize your recycling rate and continually improve upon it.

Six Month and Year Review – We do half year and full year reviews to monitor progress, trends, developments, ideas, successes, and statistics.



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