We Utilize Formal Program Development for Recycling and Zero Waste Reduction Services Covering all Types of Industries


Sustainability Cycle Diagram - Society to/from Economy to/from Environment to/from SocietyMid America is sensitive to the growing demand for organizations to find relief for the environmental and financial pressures associated with their waste streams. We meet with businesses and municipalities in a step by step process to learn the following and determine how we can help achieve your zero waste initiatives. This process is as follows:

  1. Leadership Meeting – This step is integral in finding out an organization’s goals for a customized recycling program. You talk, we listen. We want to hear about your objectives, visions, and past recycling efforts. Mid America finds it important to meet the people at your organization who will be helping to guide and build up your program.
  1. Recycling Audit – We visit your facilit(ies) to view your waste streams. We find out what is currently being recycled and landfilled. We ask questions about commodities, logistics, machinery, recycling rate goals, and financial goals.
  1. Review Process – The Mid America team meets internally and with you to determine how we can best help you reach goals, and maximize your recycling rate and associated revenues. We pour over stats, logistics, machinery, commodity, and volume details to develop a program.
  1. Launch Day – We like to take a hands-on approach and be on site when launching new recycling programs. We like to make sure everyone is on board, from machine operators to the corporate suite, it’s a common goal effort.
  1. Recycling Support – We will continue to monitor your program on site and off. We will work and speak and educate and offer ideas on how we best feel you could maximize your recycling rate and continually improve upon it.
  1. Six Month and Year Review – We do half year and full year reviews to monitor progress, trends, developments, ideas, successes, and statistics.
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