Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Improving your operating efficiency and maximizing your recycling revenues

Mid America is serious about our role as the processor and marketer of your recycling materials. Whether processing materials at an internal plant or externally at one of our strategic partner plants, or marketing your commodities for direct shipment to end users, we know we must continually improve our operating efficiency in order to lower costs, increase revenues, and improve your bottom line.

As a core philosophy we develop long term partnerships with both our suppliers and mills to ensure consistent movement of your materials and reliable service. We are open to formalized term agreements to strengthen that consistency.

What We Do:

  • Develop Customized Programs
  • Finance, Lease, Sell Equipment
  • Term Agreements and Contracts
Who We Work With:

  • Packagers
  • Distributors
  • Recyclers
  • MRFs
  • Printers
  • Manufacturers
  • Converters
  • Box Makers
  • Mailers
  • Publishers
  • Mills
  • Document Shredding Companies


  • IRA
  • AOR
  • AROW
  • MRC
  • PROP
  • NAID

Contact Us

Mid America Paper Recycling

3865 West 41st Street
Chicago, IL 60632

Phone: 773-890-5454