Our National Recycling Program Management Works as Result of Organized Structure and Goal Driven Development

Map of United States with diagram of network connections between major cities across the U.S.

Simplifying the supply chain. Simplifying accountability. Sustaining a common focus.

Mid America has the expertise, capacity, flexibility, and financial strength to meet the specialized requirements of U.S. businesses with a national footprint. We focus on simplifying the supply chain, developing sole accountability, and adhering to a common platform. Sustainability goals and financial goals are easier to implement and track with one software system, one voice, and one common understanding.

We will build from scratch or optimize your current program. Using our formal program development guidelines we will develop, implement, and review new or improved systems. Whether developing a program for 1 location or 40, we respect the fact that each facility has its own needs, and requires program flexibility. Meeting short term targets, adding value, and maximizing revenues are common traits necessary to meet long term sustainability and financial goals.


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