Growth, Leadership, and Vision: About Mid America Paper Recycling

Mid America Paper Recycling has been a leader in the recycling industry since 1926. Our company was founded with a vision to help companies develop successful recycling programs. Mid America has built an extensive record of helping environmentally-friendly and bottom line focused companies develop recycling programs that build strong foundations for long term value. Through four generations of both organic and acquisition growth we have learned first-hand about the value of hard work, striving against the odds, and following a dream.

Today we are one of the largest independent brokers, processors, and exporters of recovered paper in the Central United States. Our plastics recycling volume has grown considerably and now has a dedicated sales team. Our Materials Processing and Materials Marketing Division teams work tirelessly to find more effective processes and stronger waste stream markets. We are often asked how we continue to thrive after so long, and the answer is simple: the entire organization focuses on the central goal of providing the best customer service possible. Four generations have been built with integrity, exceptional service, high market returns, and prompt payments. Our recycling professionals are active in industry associations and serve on boards and committees that help set the direction of where our industry is heading into the future.



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