Partner with Us in Our Zero Waste Reduction Initiative

four colorful recycling bins, one for plastic - blue, glass - green, metal - red, paper - yellowCommitted to the environment. Together responsible.

Mid America is sensitive to the growing demand for organizations to find relief for the environmental and financial pressures associated with their waste streams. We understand that corporate mandates can dictate that pressure, and know it’s necessary for organizations to partner with a committed recycler.

Together with recycling partners, we develop goal-based programs for organizations to increase their sustainability and decrease their carbon footprint and landfill usage. Whether it’s driving a company from 50% sustainability to 75% or 75% to 90%, we work through a program development stage to set ambitious goals and work towards attaining them.

We love the challenge of developing specialized markets for hard to recycle items. Mid America utilizes waste-to-energy platforms. As environmental technologies continue moving forward, Mid America will utilize and support them.


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