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Our value is the ability to quickly analyze markets, communicate with generators and consumers, and guarantee continuous movement of commodities on behalf of our customers.

stacked bundles of shredded paperMid America is well positioned to market paper and plastic materials no matter how strong or weak the recycling markets are. We are obligated to, and feel good about providing a continuous supply to our consumers. Our dedicated client support team works closely with our brokers and marketing team to keep logistics and movement on track.

For our generators, our financial strength allows for prompt payment and service flexibility regardless of the market. We maintain strong relationships with mills and end users, which allows us to price your commodities competitively.

For mills and end users, we maintain a vast supply chain which helps provide a continuous flow of material for your processing. We are long known for the consistent quality of the materials we ship, and know that your business depends on it for the relationship to work fluidly.

Our materials marketing team works closely with most post-consumer and post-industrial paper and plastics, along with roll stock, books, and mixed plastics.

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